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Making sure your body is receiving the adequete essential nutrients each day is a key element for maintain our health. Metagenics Nutritional Products provide a vast range of natural medicines to supplement your diet and lifestyle. Metagenics practitioner only products provide us at Uniquely with a high quality, scientifically and clinically researched range of vitamins, minerals and herbs combined to achieve maximum therapeutic absorbtion for maximum benefit to you. The top quality ingredients and raw materials are free from heavy metal and pesticide residue and are packed in environmentally friendly materials to ensure that both the planet and ourselves are on our way to optimal health!


Innate Choice Omega Sufficiency

Omega Sufficiency

Omega Sufficiency™ is the purest, most natural fish oil available with natural EPA:DHA ratios and NO Artificial Chemical Concentration. Because of this Omega Sufficiency™ is aligned with the human genetic requirements for Omega 3 consumption and thus provides the maximal health and prevention benefits.

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