Treat Disease, Or Prevent Disease?


Treat Disease, Or Prevent Disease?



The world of medical science is constantly inventing new ways to test or screen for disease, and we are able to find disease at earlier and earlier stages. Whilst this technology is amazing, invaluable and capable of finding many diseases at an early stage, the simple fact is you still have to have the disease for them to find it in the first place.

So even though we have these fantastic tools to find disease early, they are can not actually do anything to prevent disease. Of course, the earlier we can find disease, the better equipped we are to treat it, so all the research and development is essential. But would it not be better to consider ways that we can prevent disease from developing in the first place?

Disease prevention can only happen by avoiding the things that cause disease, and research is increasingly showing that the majority of disease and illness is the result of our lifestyle choices, not from bad luck or bad genetics.

One of my favourite sayings is: Good health happens by choice, not by chance. And the choices we make today, affect our health tomorrow.

The key factors to preventing disease are a healthy nervous system, a healthy diet and healthy exercise.

At Coolum Family Chiropractic, as well as ensuring your spine is free from subluxation/misalignments that interfere with your nervous system and the normal functioning of your body, we are dedicated to educating everyone about healthy lifestyle choices. Read our handouts, newsletters and website for the most practical, easy to follow, and up to date information on health and wellness.